“Drones can be useful tools, and I am all about useful tools. One of my mottos is – the right tool for the right job.” – Martha Stewart, Businesswoman

Unmanned aerial systems have been around for a long time, but have recently become more deployable across several industries.

We know so much about how drones are used around the world, especially now during the COVID crisis, but rarely find out about the people who take charge and make it happen. On our Drones For Good Mirragin podcast series, we speak with the leaders in the drone industry who have contributed to what we witness today and discuss what lies ahead.

If you want to be informed and inspired by every move the drone industry makes, we have narrowed it down to the top 5 podcasts you will enjoy. 

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1. Ken King, Freespace Operations: changing the way of the world for goodwith industrial drones 

“We provide an industrial platform to allow life-saving operations such as dropping items to stricken people in the water or over heavy terrain, and autonomous cargo delivery with heavy payloads” – Ken King

Ken King began building drones in 2014, well before he co-founded Freespace Operations. Today, he builds industrial drones that save lives – a perfect example of the kind of stories we want to share with you about the use of drones for good.

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2. Australia’s first drone testing facility in collaboration with QinetiQ

On this episode of the Mirragin Drones For Good podcast, we had the opportunity to get to know Michael Andrae and Jim Parkes, from QinetiQ, and discuss their impactful contributions in the drone industry as a part of their collaboration with the Queensland Government. 

Learn all about Australia’s first UAV testing range equipped with a range of amenities, its far-reaching potential and QinetiQ’s role in making this project a huge success. 

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3. Insurance, risk, systems and programs with Simon Hooper from Precision Autonomy

We often hear about drones and the myriad uses – but did you know drones need insurance too?

On this episode of the Drones For Good series, we had the experts share everything individuals and businesses in the industry must know about the secure use of UAVs, how this impacts their growth and success and how the insurance policies work to aid its users. 

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4. Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)

DID YOU KNOW: The AAUS serves as a link between drone industry leaders, regulators, academia and the government.

Listen to what Greg Tyrell, the executive director of AAUS, with nearly 25 years experience has to say about their mission. As a representative of its diverse group of members, they offer memberships for companies, host networking events and offer beneficial resources with the aim to lead the industry towards a positive future. 

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5. Jonathan Roberts, UAV Challenge on the civilian application of drones

The UAV Challenge, co-founded by Jonathan Roberts, aims to tackle the problems and restrictions in the growth of drone technology by organising competitions for aero-modellers, university students and high-school students from around the world. In addition to a focus on improving the scope of civil uses of drones, they also empower students to identify and grab the opportunities that lie in this field.

To know more about the popular UAV Challenge Outback Joe Rescue and how their challenges create an impact, tune in to the podcast.

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