Bill Welling – Director, Defence and National Security

As the demand for commercial off the shelf drones continues to grow, it becomes increasingly important to ensure their safe operation of uncrewed aerial systems within existing air traffic environments. Airservices Australia is delivering a Flight Information Management System (FIMS) initiative, which will integrate an uncrewed traffic management system with Australia’s existing air traffic management system.

Mirragin was proud to collaborate with Airservices Australia and industry experts to test and evaluate Australian FIMS prototypes with live, in-field trials.  Mirragin and Airservices built a live testing environment from a green-field environment to effectively test three different FIMS prototypes.

 We were able to assist Airservices with designing a test environment, developing a test plan, and test implementation, using real drones and operators.

 The trials were an absolute success and we were able to achieve all test outcomes.  It has been an effective first step in the development of a fully integrated FIMS. Learn more here:

Airservices Australia | Flight Information Management System (FIMS) – YouTube


Bill Welling – Director, Defence and National Security proudly represented Mirragin during the FIMS Prototype Trial.

Bill has over 30 years of Navy, aviation and broader defence experience. A Chartered Professional Engineer and Certified Associate Project Manager, Bill has also completed two Masters qualifications.
Proficient in leading multidisciplinary teams to successfully deliver integrated and effective solutions that exceeded client expectations, Bill is well placed to assist both military and civil organisations integrate autonomous systems into their existing operations..