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Here to help you successfully implement your next drone program

About US

Uniquely placed to help you implement and execute your next drone program

We know first hand the power and capability of drone technology

At Mirragin, we’re here to help you develop a clear drone strategy, manage your project through to implementation, and provide the ongoing support and assistance you need as your drone capability grows and evolves.

With many of the Mirragin team having served in the Australian Army and other defence organisations, we’ve seen first-hand the risks and costs involved in aircraft operation.

We’re motivated to remove that risk, by helping you to effectively deploy drone technology to achieve real, positive outcomes for your organisation.

Mirragin – The Stars


“I first witnessed the power and potential of drones in 2008, in the dust and the heat of Afghanistan. It was one of the most dangerous places on earth at the time, but I noticed that coalition soldiers felt more comfortable leaving their cover to conduct routine patrols when they knew a drone had first surveilled the area or was still in the skies above them.  It was then I realised how this technology could be used to keep our soldiers, sailors and aviators safe.

This experience stayed with me and in 2017 I had the opportunity to start my own consultancy specialising in drone, robotics and autonomous systems. Mirragin RAS Consulting was born. Mirragin is a Yuggera word, it means ‘stars’ and it pays homage to both my vision and the lands where my two boys were born that for 60 000 years have been home to the Yuggera people.

At Mirragin RAS Consulting we have a focus on strategy and project management, can navigate complex regulations with ease, and implement cutting-edge tech. We will deliver results that can help your organisation cut costs, improve performance and most importantly, keep your people safe. When you work with us, we will ensure your drone program works for you.”


Rob Sutton | Managing Director

Mirragin Consulting

We’re determined to make a difference through drones

And how we do that is heavily influenced by our community initatives.

At Mirragin, we’re proud to support Soldier On, a service that enables veterans and their families to thrive. Soldier On has provided support to veterans and their families, including those who have served and continue to serve in the Australian Defence Force.

As a Soldier On Gold Pledge Partner, we are truly commited to providing veteran-supportive recruitment, training and workplace culture.

In 2021, Mirragin were also proud to be nominated as an industry champion finalist by the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS), for championing sovereign capability on behalf of the unmanned system industry in Australia. 

When you choose to work with Mirragin, you’re choosing to work with an organisation truly commited to making a difference to the community with a new line of sight.

Mirragin is a part of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems

Meet Your Team

Meet Robert, Managing Director and Founder of Mirragin RAS Consulting.

Rob is a former Aviation Engineer with the Australian Army and he is now leading the charge to help organisations maximise the potential of drone technology.

Rob has a vision to revolutionise the way organisations utilise drones to optimise their operations, enhance safety, and drive innovation across a range of industries.

Together with his team, Rob is an expert in assisting clients in the defence, government, mining, and agriculture sectors to fully implement drone tech to achieve their goals. They are at the forefront of shaping the future of drone tech in Australia.

Rob’s professional memberships include:

  • Fellow (FIEAust) and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) of The Institution of Engineers, Australia
  • Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ)
  • National Engineering Register (NER) certifications in Aerospace Engineering & Leadership and Management.
  • Australian Institute of Project Management
  • Registered Project Manager (RegPM)
  • Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD)

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Bill Welling

Bill Welling

Director, Defence & National Security

Bill has over 30 years of Navy, aviation and broader defence experience. A Chartered Professional Engineer and Certified Associate Project Manager, Bill has also completed two Masters qualifications.
Proficient in leading multidisciplinary teams to successfully deliver integrated and effective solutions that exceeded client expectations, Bill is well placed to assist both military and civil organisations integrate autonomous systems into their existing operations.

Laura Sutton

Laura Sutton

Operations Manager

With leadership experience in military maintenance organisations, Laura is passionate about the performance of people in a technical environment. In the past, Laura has been responsible for improving maintenance culture for the whole of military aviation. She also has a deep interest in human factors, specifically the way that social, learning and cultural factors combine to affect organisational success. Laura is using that experience and knowledge to manage internal business operations in Mirragin to ensure we continue to provide excellent service to our customers.

Kate Chernykh

Kate Chernykh

People and Wellbeing Manager

Kate is a highly experienced talent acquisition specialist and relationship manager within Defence and National Security sector. Kate’s primary focus is our People, as well as engagement and account management. 

Kate is all about fostering long-term partnerships with internal and external stakeholders and continues to grow the unique mix of skills and talent at Mirragin to ensure a high standard of service delivery to our clients and customers.

Leanne Restante

Leanne Restante

Management Accountant

With a demonstrated and extensive history of working in accounting, administrative, and supervisory roles, Leanne has over 20 years of experience in various industries. Along with her multiple qualifications, Leanne holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Charles Sturt University and a Graduate Certificate in Public Accounting from Deakin University; Leanne’s current goal is to work towards completion of her CPA.

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