About Us

Here to help you successfully implement your next drone program

About US

Uniquely placed to help you implement and execute your next drone program

We know first hand the power and capability of drone technology

At Mirragin, we’re here to help you develop a clear drone strategy, manage your project through to implementation, and provide the ongoing support and assistance you need as your drone capability grows and evolves.

With many of the Mirragin team having served in the Australian Army and other defence organisations, we’ve seen first-hand the risks and costs involved in aircraft operation.

We’re motivated to remove that risk, by helping you to effectively deploy drone technology to achieve real, positive outcomes for your organisation.

We’re determined to make a difference through drones

And how we do that is heavily influenced by our community initatives.

At Mirragin, we’re proud to support Soldier On, a service that enables veterans and their families to thrive. Soldier On has provided support to veterans and their families, including those who have served and continue to serve in the Australian Defence Force.

As a Soldier On Gold Pledge Partner, we are truly commited to providing veteran-supportive recruitment, training and workplace culture.

In 2021, Mirragin were also proud to be nominated as an industry champion finalist by the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS), for championing sovereign capability on behalf of the unmanned system industry in Australia. 

When you choose to work with Mirragin, you’re choosing to work with an organisation truly commited to making a difference to the community with a new line of sight.

Mirragin is a part of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems

Meet Your Team

Robert Sutton | Managing Director

Having served with the Australian Army’s premier drone unit, the 20th Surveillance and Target Acquisition Regiment, Rob has seen first hand the power of drone technology as a force for good.

Throughout his career in the army and broader defence industry, and then in private enterprise, Rob witnessed many organisations try and fail to implement drone technology successfully. Rob recognised that those failed projects had much in common – a mismatch between problem, technology selection, and capability; poorly defined project outcomes; or simply a lack of understanding as to how the technology integrated into the broader business plan. 

Armed with that insight, and passionate about the power of drone technology to save lives and improve organisational capability, particularly where dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks are involved, Rob created Mirragin to help organisations overcome those pitfalls and gain a new line of sight using drone technology.

Rob now enjoys helping defence, emergency services, and commercial organisations implement drone technology to improve safety, increase productivity, reduce costs, and succeed safely.

Rob’s professional certifications include:
– Fellow (FIEAust) and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) of The Institution of Engineers, Australia, and Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ). National Engineering Register (NER) certifications: Aerospace Engineering, , Leadership and Management.
– Australian Institute of Project Management, Registered Project Manager (RegPM) and Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD).

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Andrew Crowe

Andrew Crowe

Director, Defence and National Security

With over 15 years experience in uncrewed systems, surveillance, and leadership in the Australian Army, Andrew is uniquely placed to help your defence organisation implement and execute drone technology with demonstrated outcomes. A positive communicator, Andrew is able to engage with diverse stakeholders and is adept at breaking down silo operations, experience which will help ensure your next drone project is a success. 

Will Stamatopoulos

Will Stamatopoulos

Director, Aviation Operations

Will joins the Mirragin team with an extensive background in Aeronautics and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. Having worked with a range of government and commercial organisations, Will is well placed to help your organisation understand the possibilities that drone and robotic technology holds for your business.  

Laura Sutton

Laura Sutton

Senior Consultant, Engineering & Project Management

With leadership experience in military maintenance organisations, Laura is passionate about the performance of people in a technical environment. Laura has been responsible for improving maintenance culture for the whole of military aviation, and has a deep interest in human factors – the way that social, learning and cultural factors combine to affect project success. Laura can help guide you through your next technical project and ensure its ultimate success.

Richard Harris

Richard Harris

Senior Consultant, Engineering & Project Management

Richard, based in Canberra, is a qualified Mechatronic Engineer and accomplished Project Manager. Richard brings over 12 years of Defence industry experience having worked in both the private and public sectors on a variety of major and minor capital programs.

Dirk Joubert

Dirk Joubert

Consultant, Engineering

Dirk is an experienced Data Analyst, Project Manager, and Systems Engineer. Having worked within the aerospace and telecommunications industries, Dirk has extensive experience in the provision of installation, service and commissioning of field instruments, process control and quality management systems, and software programming.

Nicola Kloet

Nicola Kloet

Consultant, Engineering

Working towards completing her PhD in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical Engineering, Nicola brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to the Mirragin team. As one of our Engineering Consultants, Nicola is on hand to help you implement your next drone or unmanned aircraft systems project.

Sue Osborn

Sue Osborn

Head of Flight Operations

Sue has over 25 years experience across a variety of roles. Most recently, Sue was one of the most experienced and qualified members of the Australian Army’s premier unmanned system unit, 20 Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery. Sue has also deployed abroad, on multiple occasions to the Middle East, and then to New Zealand to assist with the development of their UAS defence capability.

Cassandra Luker

Consultant, Integrated Logistics Supply

Cassandra is an experienced Supply Chain Specialist. Having worked in the aviation and aerospace industry, Cassandra has a wealth of experience in operations management, demand planning, supply management, supply chain management, and materials management.

Zack Flannery

Consultant, Engineering

Currently working towards his Bachelors of Engineering and Business at Queensland University of Technology, Zach is acutely aware of the myriad of benefits drone technology has for across industries. Zach is particularly excited by the applications and areas for UAS implementation in the agricultural and marine industries. 

Chris Hurling

Agribusiness Manager

With over 20 years of experience in marketing and management roles, Chris has a background in Ag having studied at the Murrumbidgee College of Agriculture. Chris joins the Mirragin team with an excitement and enthusiasm for helping producers to understand the benefits that drone and robotic technology can have on their property.

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