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With extensive experience in defence, government, and commercial settings, we’re here to help you realise the potential of drone technology to increase capability, improve safety, and reduce costs for your business or service organisation.

At Mirragin, we’re here to help you develop a clear drone strategy, manage your project through to implementation, and provide ongoing support and assistance as your drone capability grows and evolves. 

Every business and project has its own unique set of requirements, which is why, regardless of your industry, we’ll work closely with you to define, design, deploy, and deliver a program tailored to those unique needs. 

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From conception, to inception, roll-out, to analysis, we’re here to help you gain a line of sight to what’s important

Technology selection and integration

We help choose you the right technology, integrate that into your team, & keep you up to date in the constantly changing landscape.

Strategy, Risk and Project management

We help you to clearly identify the opportunities for drone technology and manage your project to completion.

Change Management and Ongoing support

We help you develop optimal workflows, and provide training and support to help your team adapt to new ways of working.

our approach

Define, Design, Deliver

The success of any drone program starts with an in-depth understanding of your organisation and the key challenges you’re facing. Armed with that insight, we’ll design an unmanned system or drone program that leverages your existing technology, systems, processes, and people.

We’re with you every step of the way to transition your workforce to the new capability, assist with internal communication with your team, deliver training, and provide ongoing assistance that supports the success of your autonomous capability.

How we help create your autonomous capability

Drone Consulting Services for defence and emergency services

We’re here to help you save lives. We can help you to deploy drone, robotic, and AI technology to keep your people out of harms way, reduce critical exposure time, provide greater visibility, and protect those who protect others.


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Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Artificial Intelligence present multiple opportunities for defence organisations. We have worked with defence departments across Australia to implement and execute effective RAS-AI projects designed to increase capability and improve outcomes.


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With extensive experience working withing defence and government offices, we have the technical capabilities, relationships, and subject-matter proficiency to help our clients navigate the effective use of counter-unmanned aerial systems (CUAS). We can help your defence department with innovation and risk mitigation, navigating the technological ecosystem to integrate CUAS into your defence strategy. 

Guided Weapons

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Mirragin can provide expert advice on all areas of Guided Weapons. From seeking and guidance capabilities to support systems and air vehicle interface, Mirragin is able to assist in implementing the necessary framework for whatever problem that you may be facing. 


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Building upon vast industry expertise, Mirragin can provide insights, knowledge, and support for all areas of Aerospace projects. Mirragin’s capabilities extends to fields related to operations, safety, legislation, planning, and aerospace infrastructure. 

Cyber Security

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We can help you to integrate drone technology into your cyber-security programs, and help you protect your existing systems from potential drone and data attacks.

Drone Consulting Services for government and commercial organisations

We’re here to help you unlock the potential of drone technology as a powerful business asset. Improve visibility, decrease costs, and increase productivity on your next project.


Feedlots, chemical applications & livestock management

From crop monitoring and health analysis, through to water mapping and spraying, drone and robotic technology has the potential to significantly improve visibility and decrease costs of land management processes. Incorporating drone technology can dramatically improve outcomes of your agricultural project.


Vehicle automation, artificial intelligence stockpile processing

Drones have extensive applications in the mining industry. We can help you to leverage drone technology for undertaking visual inspections of sites and equipment, reducing sample collection time, and improving safety outcomes in challenging situations.

Airports, Commercial Aviation & Infrastructure

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From water sampling to visual inspections, our drone consulting services are designed to help your organisation improve productivity, reduce safety risks, and deliver positive outcomes sooner.

Government & Emergency Services

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Building upon vast industry expertise, Mirragin can provide insights, knowledge, and support to all areas of Government and Emergency Services. Mirragin can help you deploy drones to reduce the risk to your team, improve visibility, and improve outcomes on your next project. 


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Our drone consulting services are designed to help you to utilise drone technology to reduce risk, improve accuracy, effectively monitor progress on your next construction project.

Drone Training, Testing & Assurance Services

We’re here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Enhance your existing drone programs with auditing, training, and education designed to keep your organisation on top.

Standards, Manuals & REOC

Testing & Evaluation

Certification & Assurance


Training & Education

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