Implementing a drone program can be complicated, even if you have plenty of resources at your disposal.

There are many physical and conceptual pieces to keep track of drone hardware and software, payload equipment, responsibilities across departments and teams, ever-changing regulations, and benchmarks to show whether your program has been successful or not.

If you’ve implemented a program and it isn’t functioning as you’d hoped, or you’re trying to create a program but aren’t sure where to start, Mirragin can help.

We specialise in drone consulting and UAV program development. We’ve honed our method and processes and we work with organisations such as the Australian Defence Force. Our expertise has helped organisations of all sizes find success with tailored drone programs.

The 4D method for a successful drone program

Each solution that we design for our clients is unique, but they do follow a specific methodology for success:

Define – Understanding of the problem or opportunity

Design – Developing or redesigning your program for a better outcome

Deploy – Implementing the new or redesigned solution

Deliver – Working with you to make sure your program keeps working and is compliant at all times.

Step 1: Define

Defining the problem is the first step in any successful drone program. You may be aware that you have an issue that drones could help simplify or resolve. But unless you know the exact problem and thoroughly understand the challenges, you won’t have a strong foundation for building a program that actually works.

The ‘define’ step can also uncover opportunities that your organisation may be unaware of or failing to utilise. Even if there isn’t an obvious problem, lost opportunities can result in missed growth and unrealised revenue.

Defining the problem or opportunity requires research and effort, but, when done correctly, it sets the tone for the entire drone project. No one wants to make a significant investment in drones, equipment, and personnel only to discover that the program doesn’t work!

Step 2: Design

Once the problem or opportunity is clear, it’s time to design a solution. We approach the design phase by considering any constraints, such as budget, resources, and personnel, and build a program that fits within those limits.

In the same way that you wouldn’t try to construct a building without sound architectural plans, you can’t put together a functioning drone program without a blueprint. We work in tandem with our clients to create solutions that deliver lasting results.

If you already have a working program that could use some fine-tuning, we’ll work with you to create a better solution. Small tweaks can lead to hours of time and thousands of dollars saved, so it’s wise to regularly revisit your program to ensure it is working properly.

Step 3: Deploy

Once the plans look good on paper, it’s time to put the program into action. This is where the fun starts, but it’s also a period of intense work and focus. Together, we’ll make sure your personnel are ready to fulfil their roles within the program, and verify that you have all the right equipment to make it a success.

Tracking progress is an integral part of a well-designed solution, and as part of our method, we’ll make sure you’re set up with the right tools to monitor the program as it is implemented. You’ll have support throughout the deployment phase so that the program unfolds as smoothly as possible.

If we’re tweaking an existing drone program, we’ll use our tools to track the effectiveness of each change to see exactly what’s working.

Step 4: Deliver

Our top priority is delivering results to our clients. In the delivery phase, we’ll look at key indicators to make sure you’re reaching set milestones and achieving the results you need.

Part of successful delivery is ensuring that you remain compliant with Australian drone regulations. These can change periodically, so it’s important to continually revisit your strategies to ensure you’re compliant.


As drone technology is constantly evolving and changing, your hardware or software may change too; staying on top of the best technology for your needs is also part of our service.

Implementing a successful drone program is as simple as the four steps above, but it’s not easy unless you have the right team of experts in place to help you, as there are many factors to consider to design an effective drone solution. Mirragin can help you create a program plan and implement it. Contact us today at for assistance.