Drones are a perfect example of the most advanced modern technology that is widely used by businesses all over the world. While they originate from the military’s efforts, modern drones are widely used in civilian life nowadays.

Did you know, drones are not a “new” technology?  Officially drones were introduced in the 1900s with the aim to invent a device that may fly in extreme conditions with no danger for pilots.

Their fields of application are limitless nowadays. While police and media use drones to collect relevant data, more and more industries discover that they provide innovative solutions for everyday issues.

Farmers use them to collect information about crops, companies like Amazon have begun to use drones for delivery services and many others explore their potential for more efficient logistics. 

Many companies in the Australian market have already started to introduce innovative solutions based on opportunities provided by drones.

Our ecosystem revolves around different companies and organisations that do great work in their industries with drone technology. Here are five organisations that are innovating in the world with drones.

Sphere Drones

Sphere Drones is an Australian father-son owned company operating since 1954. The company has been focused on utilising the potential of drones since 2012. Recognising both commercial and recreational potential of these devices, sphere drones offer solutions for many fields of civilian life from real estate to water filtration and mapping.


Operating all over Australia, SYPAQ offers solutions that use the potential of drones to make people more secure and businesses more productive. SYPAQ has a rich history of collaboration with the Australian government and Defence Forces. It is an example of an Australian business that uses its experience and background and applies it to civil life to help businesses develop effective communications and logistics.


The company was founded in 1951. Schiebel deals with the development, testing, and production of state-of-the-art mine detection equipment. Although the company was originally based in Vienna, it now holds a significant part of the Australian market. Schiebel has a world-wide reputation as a serious manufacturer that does not only provide efficient solutions based on drones and robotics but offers total assistance and after-sale customer support services.

Geodrones Australia

Geodrones is an Australian company that promotes the use of drones in every sphere of modern life. From industrial surveillance to mapping, Geodrones claims that the field of application for drones is limitless. Except for obvious industrial and surveillance use, Geodrones promotes recreational use of drones such as footage of special occasions like weddings and corporate parties. Before signing a contract with the company every client gets a free demonstration of possible solutions personalized for every customer.


From designing and constructing Queensland Government’s UAS flight test range to developing vehicle arresting techniques that are absolutely safe for humans – Qinetic is an aerospace technology company that aims to use the potential of drones to increase the safety of civilians and help the government to develop and test advanced technologies. Qinetiq operates in the air, sea, and land. The company provides active drone consulting programs for its customers with the most advanced solutions for any possible problems.

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