Mirragin recognised as Aviation Support Business of the Year 2022

Mirragin has grown substantially since its inception in 2017. The team has a diverse range of qualifications and experience which creates a strong platform to solve our clients most challenging problems.

Our work in the aviation sector is varied, from airfield preparation for RAS to advanced urban air mobility we have some truly unique experience in the RAS space.

We offer a free directory for all RAS companies to use – www.ausdronedirectory.com.au and also have three seasons of Australia’s most popular drone industry Podcast – Drones for Good https://mirragin.com.au/podcast/ under our belt highlighting companies around the world that work in the RAS space from manufacturing to training to urban delivery.

We will continue to support and drive the RAS industry as we grow and in turn support and drive Australia’s technology lead future.

Mirragin Director of Aviation Operations recognised as Aviation Safety Professional of the Year 2022

Will Stamatopoulos has dedicated his career to aviation safety. Coming from 19 years of airline experience, blending aircraft engineering expertise with the craft of flying, instruction and innovative drone operations, Will has been able to piece together some the lessons learned in the last 100+ years of crewed aviation operations, to help forge a path within the emerging aviation sector.

Will has experienced work on the “shop floor” as well as high level operational management, with a proven record for managing safety and technical projects, producing the safest outcome for all stakeholders.

A lot of the work Mirragin Consulting undertakes is restricted by Defence and National Security sensitivity requirements, or client NDA, however, our reputation is predicated upon overcoming safety and efficiency problems, then sharing that with the industry. We do not sell products, we address every client’s concern by methodically defining the problem, designing, then delivering the solution, considering the entire ecosystem (regulation, training, maintenance, community etc), addressing safety at every step.

As a panel member of the technical working groups within the Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) – which engage not only the industry and regulators, but the community at large, Will addresses regulatory burden, gaps and inefficiencies, with panel members putting aside commercial imperatives, to foster the industry’s growth.

Will is also part of the team developing the Standards and Recommended Practices for the inception and integration of Uncrewed Aircraft and Uncrewed Traffic Management regulation, working to provide a level of safety equal to, or greater than current “crewed” aircraft. It’s clear that to Will, aviation safety is paramount. We look forward to supporting Will as he continues that journey with us here at Mirragin as Director of Aviation Operations.