LTCOL Keirin Joyce has been the SO1 UAS in Army Headquarters for the past 3 years. In this role Keirin was the Capability Manager for Army across all UAS. A huge role as I found out!

In this podcast I asked Keirin about his time in this role, his major achievements, the Army’s lines of operation/effort, technologies, frustrations and also his advice on how industry can best engage with Defence. He also let’s slip his all time favourite UAVs (there’s two!)

We also discuss a fantastic industry organisation called the Australia Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS). If you’re not aware of AAUS or want more information, check them out at

A special thanks to Defence Media for approving this podcast to be recorded and released. Thank you!

Thank you to LTCOL Keirin Joyce for his support of the Drones for Good podcast and willingness to participate. Thank you! You can find Keirin on Twitter @keirinjoyce