Drones can be a huge advantage to agencies fighting natural disasters. They can launch immediately, gather vital data about an emergency situation, and help efficiently relay that information to all agencies involved, all without putting further lives at risk.” – Grant Imahara, Engineer

Relief aid and emergency services are some of the many interesting professional drones uses we have witnessed recently.

We all know what it takes for the officers and personnel working in the defence and emergency services across the world; they are ever ready to put themselves at risk to save others. Even if that is the way the army, navy, airforce, police, fire teams and other emergency services organisations have been operating, it does not have to be the only way.

Professional drones equipped with the best features can help these determined life-savers stay safe and make informed decisions during an emergency and time-sensitive situations.

For any organisation working within the defence and emergency services areas, professional drones can be a game-changer.

: The commercial drones market is expected to reach $6.30 billion by 2026. (Fortune Business Insights)

Know exactly how professional drones can help your organisation and missions

With any defence or emergency services organisation, the operations and what the work entails are complex in nature. To purchase the next best drone is not the ideal way to proceed as there are many underlying factors that must be taken into account.

Like any other decision or investment you make in your organisation, you need to be strategic, informed, and calculated about your drone choice. It is important to ensure that the chosen professional drones provide a solution to your biggest challenges.

Here are 4 successful applications of drones in this space

The following are some of the highlights of professional drones that make drones a great tool, but some have a few more capabilities than others:

1. Drones like the Global Hawk and Reaper help transmit essential intelligence information.

2. The UAV IT180 mini-drone helps with surveillance and identification of communication systems.

3. The VStar Systems MA-C MiniPOD is a UAV designed specifically for the interception, direction-finding, and analysis of tactical communication signals.

4. The Black Hornet 3 is a lightweight drone that excels in navigation particularly in areas deprived of GPS coverage. 


Forward-thinking organisations in the emergency services industry can take advantage of the multitude of benefits that professional drones offer. Drone delivery and futuristic drones may still be a work-in-progress, but UAVs for emergency and first-response have been employed successfully for many years.

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