Drone technology today is more deployable across several industries and use cases than ever before.

Especially since the COVID pandemic, we have witnessed a skyrocketing growth in the hundreds of ways we can now use Drones For Good.

These unmanned aerial vehicles may have been a luxury or a privilege of governments across the globe in the past, but now, every business and individual in the public and private sectors have come to realise its essence and necessity.

This revolutionary drone technology movement and the growing global acceptance could not have been possible without the effort, innovation, and perseverance of the leaders in the drone industry.

In this blog, we have outlined three such organisations that have played a significant role in growing and redirecting the drone technology industry towards success and everyday use.

3 organisations that have helped grow the drone industry

Drone Racing Australia

This company offers the ultimate thrill of air racing without the need to leave the safety of solid ground. Drone Racing Australia was established in 2015 at Southport, Queensland. Drone racing as a sport unites different people with one common passion – techno racing. 

Drone Racing Australia hosts drone racing events for business organisations at corporate events, exhibitions, and team-building activities.

 It might seem like old news as model drone racing has been around for some time. However, the team at Drone Racing Australia has taken it to a whole new level by offering new drone pilots an unprecedented First Person View experience using equipment widely used at Nascar and V8 Supercars.

The RaceCams that Drone Racing Australia install on their custom-designed quadcopters provides pilots with a bird’s eye view during the race. While drones are widely used for surveying, control, and advanced landscape filming in general, Drone Racing Australia combined its recreational feature with a racing thrill to invent a new perspective on a new sport.


When we talk about LiDAR mapping, data collection and analytics, and drone anatomy, Emesent stands out as one of the leaders of the drone technology industry. The survey and mapping of mining sites, infrastructure, and construction sites are a few fields where Emesent offers its expertise and solutions.

They accomplish this with the help of drone technology, quadcopters, and other unmanned flying vehicles. Since the company’s launch in 2018, they have developed a revolutionary flagship product – Hovermap. It is an unprecedented combination of the most advanced filming and autonomous flight solutions that can operate even in remote areas deprived of GPS.

Hover map is a customisable and durable device that can be installed on any flying machinery or used as a hand-held device. It continues to collect data even if the platform vehicle fails. With the drone industry developing rapidly, Hoverboard finds its application to serve and protect people not only in Australia but all over the world.


What do you think has been the backbone of a successful business? Marketing.

As the engine of the market, advertising and marketing became a vast industry promoting incredible innovative solutions all over the world.

This is where Dronenr adds value. It is an Australian company that  specialises in aerial photography and videography using drone technology. They collaborate with numerous projects from real estate agencies and construction sites to personal projects and local artists’ installations.

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