Solar energy plants allow the natural and renewable power of the sun to be harnessed on an industrial scale, which can produce enough electricity to light-up towns and even cities.

However, solar energy plants are usually located in remote rural areas and thus rarely occupied by any workers, which can make the rectification and even detection of malfunctioning and damaged on-site equipment a problematic process.

When the actual solar modules are damaged or defective, it can cause decreases to a plant’s energy production and thus result in revenue loss. Therefore, any problems with the solar panels’ performance must be identified to allow correction.

Autonomous drone inspections of solar panels

Defects and damages to solar panels impact their thermal behaviour, which is distinguishable through infrared thermal imaging. Traditionally, manual inspections or, more recently, piloted drone inspections have been used as methods of assessing this thermal behaviour to identify poor-performing solar modules. However, an autonomous drone can conduct these inspections, which is a method that saves time, money and resources.

Compared to other methods of inspection, autonomous drone systems offer the following benefits:

  • Enhanced accuracy of inspection findings
    • Faster inspections that save time
    • Significant return on investment savings
    • No necessary human involvement
    • Increased energy production
    • Frequent performance reviews

Drone-in-a-box solutions

Most solar energy plants are also located in remote locations that can be prone to harsh weather, which would demand an autonomous drone system to be very rugged and physically robust. A drone-in-a-box solution satisfies such a requirement perfectly.

A drone-in-a-box solution includes a base station housing that protects and recharges an autonomous drone when it is not in flight. This base station can typically withstand extreme weather and thus protect the drone inside from getting damaged.


The substantial benefits of a drone-in-a-box offer great incentives for solar energy companies to adopt this new technology. However, to reap the full benefits available, drone technology must be correctly implemented.

As new technologies continue to be enhanced and developed, companies must adapt to integrate these advancements appropriately; otherwise, they will be overwhelmed by the rapid evolution of society.

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