They were described in fiction books in the late 1900s, but no one could imagine how the futuristic technology of pilotless aircraft would ever be used – let alone become so widely deployed to change the world.

But today we are seeing it all as organisations around the world move to adopt drones.

From agricultural development and massive constructions to photographing and videoing weddings and reality shows, commercial drones have made their way to every possible field and industry.

More recently, they have been used in healthcare missions and at the same time have been successfully contributing to the current pandemic.

Only a few years ago, commercial drone-based delivery was a goal many companies were working towards. Today the world’s leading companies are successfully deploying drones as one of the most efficient solutions.

Technology is rapidly evolving and every day we see new companies introducing innovative UAV solutions for the everyday problems we face in the world.

In this blog, we discuss three such organisations in the drone ecosystem that standout, not only for their grit and determination to accelerate the growth of this valuable industry but also for their use of “drones for good”.  

Decisive Point 

Decisive Point works as a consultancy to lead the prominent actors in the drone industry towards success by helping them with an effective strategy, communication programs and reputation management. If you are a leading organisation in the drone industry with an aim to make an impact, Decisive Point can help you survey your current position in the industry and help you realign your business plan and strategy, become a spokesperson, and manage your reputation during times of crisis.

They help to develop a proper branding strategy and build, or sometimes even restore, the reputation of the organisation. The solutions they offer include standard modern tools like social media marketing, public relationships, and online presence.

For instance, they have partnered with the Australian Army for one of the newer initiatives Army Drone Racing Team (ADRT) and helped them show up in the online world as well as get national coverage for the new drone racing project. 

Amber Technology

“I cannot imagine finding another outboard unit that gives so much, in such a small format. I cannot live without it now.”– Michael Shanahan, Sound Engineer

This is what Michael Shanahan, who works with Australian artists like Tame Impala and The Reubens, has to say about Amber Technology’s offerings – a leader in the Australasian market with valuable audio and visual technologies.

They offer efficient and modern technological solutions like audio and visual equipment for broadcast, recordings, live sound events and stage performances, home entertainment, installations in residential complexes, and for custom commercial projects.

At the height of the New South Wales bushfire disaster in December 2019, Amber Technology was commissioned to deliver a Silvus mesh radio system to provide better network coverage. 

AAUS – Australian Association of Unmanned Systems

AAUS is a non-profit organisation that advocates commercial drone usage in various fields. They see the potential of unmanned systems as the future of workplace safety and efficient means of carrying out logistics in various industries, different spheres of life and business.

Members of the association provide numerous courses all over the region to raise awareness about limitless possibilities of using commercial drones in areas like small agricultural complexes and private videography professionals to large construction sites and industrial mining.

With nearly 2,500 members from all over Australia, the mission of AAUS is to take the unmanned industry forward and create awareness about the use of drones for positive purposes through education, networking and events.

AAUS aims to show the Australian business and market that labour laws and regulations can be adjusted and renewed in the country to embrace innovative solutions that drones offer. While they do support the growth of the industry, they also focus on improving public safety, rules concerning the use of drones and laws with respect to the access to airspace. 

Nova Systems

Operating in Australia, this privately-owned consulting organisation is not afraid to roll up their sleeves and engage in any project they deem valuable. Their main goal is to speed up the innovation and development of Australian businesses and the economy.

By acknowledging the importance of the security of systems in the online world as we continue to embrace digitalisation, they support their clients using systems engineering as their core discipline. Nova Systems works with fundamental industries like defence and security, energy, communications and transportation. They assist organisations in these fields with geospatial and situational awareness, training, cyber defence, and system safety protocols.

These are a few projects they have worked on: 

– Assisted with Human Factors testing in the air-to-air refuelling capability project
– Pilot training system and support to Australian Defence Force
– Set up systems and processes for Adelaide’s electric passenger trains 

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