Drone technology is developing rapidly and providing new solutions for our everyday life.

That is why the Drones for Good podcast exists and showcases passionate professionals in the drone industry who share their insights, vision of the future, and an in-depth understanding of how the myriad of applications of professional drones benefit organisations and help build our future.

1. LTCOL Keirin Joyce, Australian Army: How we can use drones to solve problems 

Even though the concept of drones developed almost a century ago, professional drones offer opportunities to serve people and solve problems.

In this podcast episode, we had an interesting and informative conversation with LTCOL Keirin Joyce about the current trajectory of the unmanned industry.

As the UAS Capability Manager for the Australian Army, Joyce’s goal has been to build drone literacy among soldiers of all ranks. In his military career, he worked to shift the perspectives of cutting-edge unmanned technology and reinforce its progress.

Joyce understands the need for drone-based solutions for governmental and civil purposes. The most remarkable example according to Joyce is AAUS (Australia Association of Unmanned Systems) – a non-profit organisation that helps to raise awareness about drone technology in the region.

This podcast gives the perspective from a passionate professional who believes the development of drone technology will provide solutions to serve governments, help make everyday life safer, and preserve the planet for future generations.

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2. LTCOL Joice, Australian Army: The Army Drone Racing Team

There is always a very thin line between advanced technology and entertainment. And sometimes it is the inclination towards leisure that pushes technology forward. Knowing this, the Australian Army has organised competitive sports to help raise awareness of drone technology in a positive, impactful, and fun way. 

In this podcast, LTCOL Keirin Joyce shares his perspective on drone racing in general and talks particularly about the Australian Army Drone Racing Team. The army has always embraced sports to establish competitiveness and collaboration among the troops. This time, it is drone racing.

Drone racing acts as the best stimulus to make training unconventional and fun, to give soldiers an opportunity to hone their drone piloting skills and shift the mindset among the troops. This experience helps soldiers upskill, build their own customised racing drones, and explore new innovations in the industry.

While this started as a small initiative, today drone racing as a sport is growing in popularity as more people welcome the idea. If you want to know more about what drone racing means for the unmanned systems industry, the world, and for you, tune into our podcast episode. 

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3. Andrew Chapman, Australian UAV: The future of cutting-edge unmanned technology

“AUAV is a data company hiding inside a drone company” – Andrew Chapman

It’s 2020 and professional drones are taking the lead in several areas. So, what are the possibilities of professional drone-based technologies and solutions in the future? Andrew Chapman, the co-director and CTO at AUAV, believes data is the new oil. 

Chapman has a clear vision of drone technology and where it stands in the modern market. In this podcast, he explains how companies collaborate, exchange data and develop a greater market segment using unmanned systems.

Many budding companies in the Australian market offer valid solutions for modern businesses, education, entertainment, and citizens’ social lives. Similarly, AUAV provides professional aerial mapping surveys using the most advanced drone-based technologies.

While data is key, Chapman believes the true potential of unmanned systems lies in the power of collaboration, way beyond data collection and storage. Take a listen to hear his thoughts.

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