When an innovative product hits the market, all kinds of needs surface that didn’t exist before.  

As drones surge in popularity various companies and organisations are cropping up to meet the needs of drone operators, keep pace with changing technology and enforce important regulations.  

Collectively, these providers are part of the drone ecosystem – all the various bodies that support the drone industry in Australia and beyond.  

What does the ecosystem look like?  

The ecosystem is comprised of different organisations and businesses that work together to propel the drone industry forward. Here you’ll learn about some impressive players in the Australian drone industry and discover how these organisations are working in tandem to achieve incredible things worldwide.  

1. Swoop Aero – bringing medications to remote parts of the world 

Swoop Aero is an Australian-based company that epitomises the concept of using drones for good. In remote Vanuatu, a nation made of 80+ islands, even the most resourceful and well-funded organisations struggle to deliver vaccines to this isolated part of the world, but Swoop Aero used innovative drone technology to bring life-saving medications to those in need.  

The UAVs swooped over winding rivers and thick jungles at more than 100 kilometers an hour to reach the villagers. The partnership between Vanuatu’s government and Swoop Aero is new, but everyone is hopeful about future applications for drones in the island country.  

2. Emesent – going beyond the surface 

Investors were quick to pour $2.5 million into Australian drone startup Emesent when they realised what could be achieved with its innovative technology. Underground mapping is difficult due to the lack of GPS connectivity and the hazards of subterranean exploration. 

Emesent took on the challenge. Thanks to its groundbreaking technology some of the most dangerous tasks that miners perform are being handed off to drones. The specially fitted drone can pilot itself through narrow chutes and deep sinkholes, and is unfazed by the utter blackness beneath Earth’s surface. After minutes of surveying, it returns to its operator with all kinds of useful information about conditions in the mine – and the miners are sent in only when the data shows that conditions are favorable.  

3. Freespace Operations – drone software, hardware and everything in between  

Freespace Operations has a bevy of products and services, but one of its claims to fame is the X8 VTOL drone. VTOL stands for ‘Vertical Take Off and Landing’. No special equipment is needed for this drone to quickly and efficiently take to the skies. Its unique construction includes two strong, lightweight arms supported by four propellers. The VTOL system is safer and more efficient, and the X8 excels at carrying payloads over long distances.  

4. Remote Aviation Australia – bringing drone education to the masses 

Drone operators are only as good as their education and training, and the Remote Aviation training school produces exceptionally skilled pilots. This full-service training facility is recognised in the industry for providing flexible education options, employing instructors with professional experience and making drone education more accessible through affordable training options. Remote Aviation Australia is also approved by the Civil Aviation Authority, so students are taught all the best practices for lawful flight.  

5. Orbital UAV – innovative technology for maximum performance 

Orbital UAV offers a variety of products and services but is best known for its propulsion systems. Orbital’s influence stretches far beyond Australia and their solutions are used by militaries and commercial operators throughout the world. With its focus on creative problem solving Orbital is a leader in the drone technology space.  

6. AvCRM – paperless operations for safety and efficiency 

Drone operations can be dangerous, and complex, and so each leadership team must make sure that their operations are safe and compliant. AvCRM makes this easy by allowing the planning of flights, the safe conduct of operations and the efficient keeping of records, all in a single software tool. AvCRM is used widely by organisations within Australia and overseas. 

These organisations are just a sampling of Australia’s robust drone industry. When developing a drone solution for your business, you’ll have lots of options to consider – we’re here to help you navigate the drone ecosystem and find the best fit for your needs. Schedule a consultation at admin@mirragin.com.au.