Australia’s drone ecosystem is constantly growing and changing. Our ecosystem – which is comprised of different companies and organisations that each have separate functions – is one of the most robust and innovative on the planet.

Here, we’ll highlight a handful of the organisations that are making a positive difference in the world with drones. 

Drones for good: 4 companies having an impact in the drone ecosystem

1. Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) 

Ascent Vision Technologies (AVT) is a large aerial imaging company with headquarters in Australia and the United States. Its cutting-edge technology is used in military applications, maritime surveys and aerial-imaging operations. The company even develops surveillance tools for large event venues and personal security.

AVT has development and systems integration departments that focus specifically on building and streamlining proprietary drone software. 

2. Mira Robotics 

Mira Robotics is an autonomous aerial delivery startup in the drone ecosystem that’s currently developing two core products. The first is an aerial failsafe propulsion system that provides an extra layer of redundancy for unmanned crafts. The system combines principles from three different types of propulsion to create an extremely safe system for that’s suitable for urban delivery drones.

Mira’s second project is a technology called a “digital airspace twin” that connects all aircraft into a decentralised network for safer flights. As a startup, Mira is getting a significant amount of attention for its innovative research and developments.

3. Measure Australia

Measure Australia focuses on turning information gathered by drones into actionable data. They work in various industries, including real estate, agriculture, construction and infrastructure. Each year, they conduct over 15,000 flights across Australia for clients that need aerial mapping, building and roof inspections, safety audits and other commercial drone applications. They have a robust network of more than 120 pilots that can handle all kinds of challenging aerial projects.

4. Tauv

Tauv is an armour systems company that keeps soldiers and law enforcement safe with leading-edge, intelligent armour. Through extensive research and testing, they’ve developed highly specialised tactical wear. Their claim to fame in the drone space is the creation of a titanium UAV that attracted global attention when it launched in 2018. They recently partnered with Titomic, an industrial manufacturing company, to collaborate on defence projects.

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