Drones are helping others and being used now more than ever before as many creative applications for the unmanned aircraft come to light.

They are helping people all over the world and many people aren’t even aware of it. In just a matter of years, this powerful technology has gone from serving the defense and aerospace industries to widespread use across multiple fields.

Now, there are hundreds of applications for drones, and people everywhere are benefiting from their use in one way or another. Below you’ll learn about five interesting ways that drones are helping others and being used in modern life.

Drones for good: Positive applications with drones helping others

1. Coral Reef health monitoring

Experts in multiple fields are alarmed at how rapidly coral reefs around the world are dying. Thanks to practices like overfishing, blast fishing, and canal digging, along with the added issue of climate change, coral reefs are under constant attack. These reefs are a critical part of the ocean ecosystem, and many species are negatively impacted by their disappearance.

To monitor and combat the problem, researchers are relying on drone technology. Contrary to what you may think, drones don’t only travel in the skies – they can also be submersible.

Drones outfitted with hyperspectral cameras can closely monitor reefs and gather crucial data about reef health. Studies have already been done on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef with help of drone technology.

2. Weather monitoring

The weather can have a serious impact on our day-to-day plans, and large weather events can change our lives in more dramatic ways. People who live in tropical storm zones, tornado-prone areas, and tsunami spots know that bad weather can have life-altering consequences. Weather experts are always working to detect serious storms before they hit since a bad weather event can adversely impact many lives.

Drones simplify weather detection by monitoring different points in the atmosphere and reporting data to weather experts.

Generally, experts have to scramble to warn people about impending bad weather, but these high-flying drones are able to quickly relay information so that there’s more time to prepare. Weather scientists can also use drones to capture all types of interesting data, like pressure, temperature, and humidity of the air.

3. Emergency blood delivery

Blood is a precious resource — thousands of units are needed every day to sustain people who need blood transfusions. Centres across the globe collect blood every day from volunteers, and without these donations, many people could lose their lives. Receiving the blood is just one part of the puzzle; the blood has to be taken to those that need it most.

Drones are excellent at delivery, even with sensitive substances. In Rwanda, high-speed drones carry around 35% of the country’s blood supply to people in remote communities who are in dire need. Once the drones get to their target, they drop the blood payload, and hurry back to central distribution centres to collect what is needed for the next delivery. This innovation has tremendously helped people who are living in rural areas.

4. Search and rescue

Brave search and rescue (SAR) crews have saved countless lives in all kinds of harrowing situations. From isolated mountaintops to vast oceans, SAR professionals are capable of making extreme rescues. They rely on gear and specialised training to assist those in need, and have recently turned to drones to help with search efforts.

Drones equipped with powerful sensors and cameras can detect movements that humans can’t easily spot, and can easily scan massive swaths of land in minutes.

Thermal cameras can see through dense foliage and obscured areas that aren’t easily accessible. In recent years, drones have spotted lost hikers just hours after they were reported missing. It’s safe to say that drone technology is now a key part of SAR efforts.

5. Event monitoring

In recent years, devastating events at large gatherings have cost many lives. Ground-based security forces can monitor specific areas and help look after people at the events.

Drones are highly effective at scanning large crowds of people in a short period of time. They can instantaneously relay information back to remote operators who can make decisions based on that input. Instead of prematurely putting people in harm’s way, drones can detect problems before they reach life-threatening levels.

Could your organisation benefit from an effective drone program?

Drones are helping others and being used for so many applications to help save lives, be more productive, and be more efficient. Generally, they are making the world a better place, hence our message of “drones for good”. They are doing so much good in the world.

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