“Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society”

-Bill Gates

Once a fascination in the past is now a catalyst of a high-tech future. What used to be viewed as an “expensive toy” is now making its way to every individual, business and industry with its limitless offerings. 

Drone technology has been evolving at a rapid rate and has found its calling in several novel and lesser-known uses. While today, we hear more about its grandeur in the commercial market with businesses, drones were initially known for its need in the military.

From unmanned balloons to drone deliveries and wildlife conservation to aerial emergency response, these versatile aerial vehicles have a strong hold especially in the army, navy, airforce, police and the fire crews. In this blog, we will explore the use of drones for good in these five areas where there are many opportunities. 

How drones help the army tackle challenges

As an eye in the sky, with its infrared sensors and high-resolution cameras, they help the army identify potential dangers during missions and offer wider vision in combat zones. UAVs also help to collect and share valuable data for the army to make informed decisions or to track a lost or injured soldier in a matter of minutes.

One of its biggest contributions has been in search and rescue missions by increasing situational awareness and cutting down the time, resources and manpower a search attempt would generally require. While the ground forces have been using drones for years, they deploy drones more regularly now.

Security forces drones take off in the navy

DID YOU KNOW: The UK Royal Navy uses drones to identify, diagnose and resolve ship defects while at sea.

For the longest time, the navy has conducted inspections, surveys and maintenance of hulls and masts manually. Unmanned aerial vehicles have proven to be an effective tool to improve the safety and reduce the risks of manual inspections. The benefits extend beyond this, as drones deliver results in record time while at the same time retaining quality.  
The navy is also exploring ways to use drones efficiently in the areas of harbour force protection, boarding party support, man overboard assistance and support to public relations tasking.

How drones have altered the way the air force operates

When it comes to inspection of aircrafts, aerial refuelling, maritime surveillance and base security, the air force have replaced the traditional and tedious methods with powerful, quality drones. 

Drones help us in the long run by taking over challenging, stressful and mechanical tasks in order to save lives and keep our personnel safe.

FACT: USA is working on the MQ-25 Stingray drone tankers which will launch from a ship and refuel Navy fighter jets in midair by August 2024.

How the police utilise drones to keep officers safe

Police officers have always had to evolve, adapt and think on their feet given the kind of emergency situations they manage. More often than not, they are faced with life and death circumstances when every second matters and there is absolutely no room for errors.

Since drones have been made available to the police, public safety agencies have altered the way they operate, make decisions and save lives. They are no longer left to tackle potential threats day in and day out as ground assets.

Today, drones are deployed to deal with crowd control, reach remote areas faster, conduct search and rescue operations, record forensics and data at crime scenes, monitor large-scale events, investigate hazardous waste spills and address hostage situations.   

How fire crews are using drones to save lives

While firefighters are still required on ground during fires and rescue operations, a lot of these brave rescuers are not left to do all the saving by themselves anymore, thanks to drones. 

Many fire departments have witnessed the power of drones in the recent past and the demand continues to grow.

Drones have the potential to extinguish structural, remote and forest fires with foam or water. In addition to this, they can reach difficult areas, see through the smoke and assist firefighters with real-time situational awareness. 

A lot of information that is unavailable or lost to fire crews during these emergencies is now more accessible and easy to gather than ever before.

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Every new day brings with it a new, life-changing and beneficial application of drones in all of these spaces and other industries too. Whether it is to save lives, make life easier or to improve efficiency, drones take the lead in this new decade. 

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