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Drones, robotics, and AI can help your organisation improve safety, unlock capability, or reduce risks and costs

From remote surveying and site topography analysis, through to field observations and supply deliveries, the potential for drone technology to add value to your organisation is limitless.

We’ve helped defence organisations, government departments, and commercial businesses implement and execute drone and robotic technology for a wide range of projects including risk assessments, emergency rescue, photo journalism, 3D modelling, and critical site inspections. 

Drones are fast becoming the tool of choice for many industries and organisations to keep people safe, save lives, streamline processes, and improve efficiency. With vast technical experience across a range of industries, we are here to help you realise those benefits sooner and successfully leverage the capabilities that drone, robotics, and AI technology has to offer.

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Constantly evolving: drone, robotic, and AI technology has a range of uses to help you tackle critical challenges within your business.

Recent Work

Engaged to conduct research into the feasibility of using Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) to detect and identify buried metallic objects, the Mirragin team were able to identify and assess technology options to assist with the detection of metallic objects within a variety of terrains including: urban, littoral, rural, savannah, grasslands, desert, scrub, forested areas, and tropical jungle.

Client Case Study

Utilising Drones & UAVs for Metallic Object Detection

Client: Department of Defence – Estate & Infrastructure Group

Our Mission

Unlocking the potential of drone, robotic, and AI technology to give you a new line of sight

At Mirragin, we’re here to help you develop a clear drone strategy, manage your project through to implementation, and provide the ongoing support and assistance you need as your drone capability grows and evolves. 

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