Australia’s ongoing social, environmental and economic well-being depends on the continued and cost effective access to space. This includes:

  • Position, navigation and timing data, which is becoming increasingly central to personal navigation and planning, and the ongoing economic productivity and security of industry sectors such as transport, logistics, defence, mining and agriculture.
  • Earth observation data, which helps us understand weather predictions, droughts, forest fires, urban development, and future social planning needs.
  • Satellite communications technologies, including broadband, which enable Australian citizens and companies to conduct essential business and access critical services such as emergency transport.
  • Space situational awareness systems, which helps Australia to detect, process and respond to threats to our national space capability
  • Launch venues and systems to permit local industry to access space in a responsive and cost effective manner.
  • Other future opportunities such as space mining, tourism and collaborative science missions.

Australia has recently announced the establishment of its own Space Agency, which will help to coordinate and enable access to the $420 billion space market for local companies. We already have a thriving space ecosystem, and it is likely that the establishment of the Space Agency will help to catalyse growth in this sector.

Our team work alongside you to combine our deep industry expertise, innovative approaches and critical thinking to deliver real results: we aim to solve your problems in a practical way. Our experienced professionals are comfortable working in positions of trust on a variety of sensitive issues, and many hold high-level security clearances with the government.


Whether your challenges are internal or external, we can gather the right experts to bring you tailored advice to find the right results for your needs. Our strengths include business strategy, asset management and operations analysis. For the space industry, our services include:

  • strategy development and assessment
  • technology selection and implementation
  • asset management, including:
    • procurement
    • development
    • production
    • engineering
    • maintenance
  • risk management
  • access to the space ecosystem and start-up support
  • financial planning and management
  • business analytics
  • operations improvement
  • market research